Reversible Style Plug Gage Blanks Lengths

Member Lengths and Handle Sizes

Inch Diameter RangeMetric Diameter
GO or NO GO Member LengthSingle End HandleDouble End Handle
.0300″ to .0750″.762mm to 1.909mm2.0″1WSE1WDE
.0751″ to .1800″1.910mm to 4.569mm2.0″2WSE2WDE
.1801″ to 
4.570mm to 7.149mm2.0″3WSE3WDE
.2811″ to 
7.150mm to10.309mm2.0″4WSE4WDE
.4061″ to .5100″10.310mm to 12.939mm2.0″5WSE5WDE
.5101″ to .6350″12.940mm to 16.129mm2.0″6WSE6WDE
.6351″ to .7600″16.130mm to 19.309mm2.0″7WSE7WDE
.7601″ to 1.0000″19.310mm to 25.400mm2.0″8WSE8WDE